Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dueling Guide for DK Mu Online

Okay Hi everyone im legandary and I love to duel so I thought I would make a little dueling guide that focus's on fighting Dark wizards.

Now if you fight a dark wizard around your will most likely get beaten..cause their Hell Fire spell's (assuming the mage your fighting has HF) speed has increased and it also does a great amount of damage. Also, most good DW's use all their spells to there advantage which makes it quite hard to fight them.

An example of that would be the ice scroll and poison and teleport etc..

Well the first thing you should do is to watch and sort of observe what your opponent likes to do. If the mage likes to quickly ice you then run and do lightning you should watch that and observe and think of a way you could stop that. should deffinetly have some rings for duels. Rings come in handy alot in a duel cause it can be the difference of you winning and losing. Now what I like to do is have 2 ice rings..usually +2 and up and if it has a little hp % increase too thats always good.

I've noticed most DW dont use the poison spell that much, but if they do its good to have some poison rings too.

Another thing you should have is a pendant.

A pendant of lightning +3 or more is great cause it can stop DW from moving you away from them.

Moving on..

If your opponent likes to use the teleport spell alot and teleport different places and attack u from affar..try and think ahead where they will teleport..

If you keep chasing a mage they will most likely teleport back the way u were coming from so always remember that. Also, dont have duels in areas where they can teleport over fences and stuff cause that just wastes time.. Try and have your duel in a nice open area.

If your opponent likes to do the hell fire spell alot..try and move him away if you have a skill on your weapon such as the hacking skill or turn around cutting skill. Make sure you have lots of mana pots for every duel.

I usually bring about 25 healiing pots (just to be safe) and about 35 mana pots because I love to do skills.

Another way you can attack the mage if hes doing HF is by doing orb of twisting slash (if u can use it yet) this does a nice amount of damage to the wizard especially if hes close up.

Well I hope my tutorial helped


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