Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy new year for all mu maniacs!

I wish you all the best ! See you in next year.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mu Online Tutorial - How too took of wings in Ikarus in 4 easy stesps

Did you ever wondered how to fly without Wings in Icarus? When you read this short tutorial, you can scare people on globa mu online server ;) You can only use this bug with your friend.

Here you have 4 steps:

1. When you are in Icarus put on the IMP.
2. Give a trade to your friend.
3. Give your Wings to your friend in trade ( accept it ).
4. Took of the imp.

I hope that you will enjoy it :)

AutoIT v.3 Decompiler to the source code.

Many bots for MU Online are written in AutoIT language. Some of them are used to steal your password in the game . Anyway sometimes you want to check if the software is 100% clean by looking into the source code. AutoIT decompiler is a decompiler of the password protected AutoIT binaries. You can now check if the bot is clean.

This will extract the AutoIt3-script(*.au3) from AutoIt3-Installations(*.exe)

Often AutoIt3 is misused by Trojan writers to install their crap on your PC
so the decompiler may bring some light in the dark.
To see if some file is a AutoIt3-Installations watch the file properties
version information.

PS. I'm trying to post one Article by one day. Tommorow I'll send AutoIT compiled bots witch can be easy decompiled by this tool. In the near future I'll write a example tutorial "how to write simple bot in mu online". I hope that you will enjoy it.

Here you have download link :

Friday, December 28, 2007

Spiffs Autobot - an easy bot for MU online (DW, DK, eMG)

Spiffs Autobot v. 0.10 +src is a simple bot for Dark Knight ( DK ) , Dark Wizard ( DW ), and Magic Gladiator (MG).

It's controled by the Numpad keys on your keyboard on the right side. You can set the clicks frequency, loot frequency and others.

In the download link are sources attached too, so if you don't have numpad keys, you can recompile it for the diferent ones.

Remember to change the bot file to Pinnacle.exe. Enjoy!

If you have any questions just post your comment. I'll try to do my best by answering it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A simple way to bypass MU ONLINE Game Guard by nprotect

Bots in MU Online are not allowed. But sometimes there is no possiblity to not use it. It is almost impossible to get lvl 400 without any bot. The most simple bots are just clickers like Spiffs Autobos. Those bots are sending left / right mouse clicks and/or pressing the space button.

By default Game Guard software protects Mu Online against hackers. Game guard rejescts all clicks from programs run on computer.

There is a simple way to bypass it :

Rename the file of your bot to "Pinnacle.exe", after this operation your program (Bot) will have full privilanges , and has ability to click everywhere on MU window.

So If you have any problem with any bot in Mu Online, just check if it has renamed file to Pinnacle.exe.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Global Mu Online Dupe Time.

There was a time on global servers Mu Online, when all people became very rich in very short period of time. The most important thing that we have to know about it, is that Dupe destroys market, destroy everything with fight for. The game is going nonsense and I hope that it will not happen again... but let's start from the beggining.

On Global muonline servers we had some big and small dupe times. I'll try to describe the two the bigest. First is called :

Mu Online Dupe Era and it happened to us at the earlies of 2004 year. As far as remember it started in May 2004. At this time I didn't really knew what is going on because I had about 20-30 level. I realised what was that some weeks later. So ... Multizens ( community of global mu online ) found that there is way to copy items. Popople copied everything from the jewels to the high end items linke exc brass max. A sort of those items are still in game after almost 4 years. Of course it ruined mu online market. Almost everyone was duping... if somebody says that he didn't that means that he was idiot or he didn't know how to do this.

The Second One was :
Zen Bug.

Zen bug was a kind of funny time in the history of Mu Online. When WEBZEN added the "Atlans Patch" like always when new times comes to mu, there were alot of new bugs. One of them was a Zen Bug. So what we could do with this ? We could bought everything and everywhere :) When you had full inventory of zens you could buy everything and your zens didn't disapear. It happened in the middle of 2006 year.

We had some funny times later... For example when K2 ( or webzen ) made the form on the webpage. When you filled it server gave you 5m zens. Of course Multizens made bots which were filling this form automacly.

For stupid goofs in game we can call also "hearts event" drops. When a noob on level 15 could drop a heart ( which dropped from yeti ) and get a 2nd BK wings worth 70 jewels of bless.

Some variations of Mage MG

Some short intro on MG. MGs cannot wear helm and are never able to catch up defense of a equivalent level DK with equivalent equipment. MGs gain 7 point a level, some people use the extra points to make up the defense they lose, some use the points for extra offense. Heres the general guide for MGs who choose mage path. Examples of stat point allocation will be given based on a level 200 MG with approx 1500 total stats (200x7 +26x4 base points) and with the equipment stats based on 0.94 global MU.

1) Def Mage MG (350 str, 100 agi, 100 vit, 950 energy)
-usually they wear very good armor, like dragon or atlans armor later on. Dragon set can obtain about 350 defense and Atlans set can go higher than 400 defense. The really rich MGs would go for excellent dragon set at later stage as they are much much better than atlans armor and req are a lot lower.

Pros - Very nice for leveling at high level
- only need a lower level energy elf to do the high level map
- usually wield 2h staff since they have decent defense already
- decent amount of speed with some added agility
- decent pvp capabilities
Cons - Still unable to solo high lvl maps or boss even with good armor
- Equipment like dragon or excellent dragon later on are rather expensive
- lack of power at low level if you invest too many points in str/agi

2) Agility Mage MG (200 str, 700 agi, 700 energy, no vit added)

- this type of MGs are well known for their solo capabilities. They usually wear full set excellent armor with +10% def rate opt and a couple nice def rate rings. All the mobs miss them when they obtain enough agility.

Pros - Can solo, very nice for treasure hunting when they can miss big mobs
- Can always wear satan to make up the nature of lower damage
- Insane amount of speed due to high agility
- Can do auto training easily since mobs completely miss them.
- Probably the fastest leveling class at high level
Cons - Limit to 1hand staff only, must wear a shield, kinda lack of power
- Pvp is rather weak, only good against people with no agility.
- The 3% hit nerf could be deadly to Agility Mages if they are careless.

3) HP Mage MG (200 str, 300 vit, 1000 energy, low or no agility added)
- this type of MGs usually wear mage armor, some wear a pair of scale gauntlets to get the extra speed bonus. Since they have high energy, usually they dual wield 1h staff and 1h small excellent weapon with high speed and good options. Well known as a killing machine at high level. They use high amount of HP to take hits instead of getting the defense. Usually they kill very fast enough to leech back all the HP before taking too much damage.

Pros - Has damage of a wizard and speed of a warrior
- Very nice for hunting treasure when grouped with good e-elf
- Can also solo some boss/dragon if own the right equipment and skill.
Cons - Satan die too quick due to low def rate, very costly training
- Cannot solo efficiently in leveling
- Usually the slower leveler compared to the above 2 MGs because they need high e-elves.
- Decent pvp capabilities except against high def rate opponent

4) Traditional Mage MG (200 str, 1300 energy)

- Dont have to explain more, usually pure mage armor and no vit, all into energy for power only. Rely on e-elf completely. Pros and Cons are just like the traditinal wizard. It's the best route to start with for